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Etymology[ edit ] “Lucknow” is the anglicised spelling of the local pronunciation “Lakhnau”. According to one legend, the city is named after Lakshmana , a hero of the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana. The legend states that Lakshmana had a palace or an estate in the area, which was called Lakshmanapuri Sanskrit: However, the Dalit movement believes that Lakhan Pasi, a dalit ruler, was the settler of the city and is named after him. The settlement came to be known as Lakhanpur or Lachhmanpur by the 11th century, and later, Lucknow. The name changed to Lakhanavati, then Lakhnauti and finally Lakhnau. For about eighty-four years from to , Awadh was part of the Sharqi Sultanate of Jaunpur.


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The most populous city of Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur is situated on the banks of the Ganges River and is north India’s major industrial is a place of historical, religious and.

The mound of Jajmau, on the eastern end of the city occupies a high place among ancient cities of the region. Excavations of the mound were undertaken during , which unearthed antiquities ranging from BC to AD. Jajmau, known as Siddhapuri in ancient times, is believed to have been the kingdom of Yayati, the Pauranic king and the high mound overhanging the Ganga is known as the site of his fort. A mosque built by Kulich Khan in also stands here.

Shri Radhakrishna Temple J. Trust, this beautifully constructed temple is a unique blend of ancient and modern architecture. Among the five shrines that the temple has, the central one is dedicated to Shri Radhakrishna and the other are adorned with idols of Shri Laxminarayan, Shri Ardhanarishwar, Shri Narmadeshwar and Shri Hanuman. It is situated in Maheshwari Mohal behind the Kamla Tower. It is a beautiful temple highly decorated with glass and enamel work.

Built in Lombardic Gothic Style, the Kanpur Memorial Church was constructed in , to honour the British who lost their lives in the war of Made of bright red brick, with polychrome dressings, the interiors of the church contain monuments to the mutiny, including several memorial tablets. The Kanpur Zoo was opened in and ranks among one of the best zoos in the country.

It is an ideal place for outdoor life and picnics in the midst of picturesque surroundings. Possessed by Singhania family, this beautiful estate lies to the west of the Agricultural College.

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Atri’s son was Chandra, the Moon God. Chandra gave rise to the lunar dynasty or the Chandravanshi Dynasty. Chandra’s son was Budha. Budha had a son with Manu’s daughter Ila. Ila’s son was Pururavas, who studied under Sage Kashyapa. Pururavas ruled over the city of Pratishthana. He married the Apsara Urvashi and had many sons, of whom Ayus was the eldest. Ayus completed his education from Sage Chyavana and married the Asura princess Prabha.

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These versatile buildings are available in an almost unlimited selection of sizes, shapes and styles. Whether building it yourself from scratch, assembling from a kit, or contracting for one to be built for you, carefully consider your needs before getting started. Not only are these sheds great as the traditional garden or storage shed, they can be adapted and turned into portable office buildings, playhouses and even a summer beach house.

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Indian Constitution- Federal or Unitary Constitution of India- Whether Federal or Unitary It has been the matter of debate among the scholars that whether the constitution of India is completely federal or unitary in nature. But actually Indian constitution contains both features of a federal constitution and unitary constitution. But for the very clear picture of this conclusion first of all we have to know that what is the federal constitution and what is unitary constitution.

What feature of Indian constitution makes it federal or what features makes it unitary. In a federal set up there is a two tier of Government with well assigned powers and functions. In this system the central government and the governments of the units act within a well defined sphere, co-ordinate and at the same time act independently.

A recent study on direct dating of sediments extracted from paleochannels close to Harappan sites in the region of Sutlej-Yamuna interfluve by a team of scientists from the Physical Research.

Photos Around Kanpur I did a little bit of research on things to see in Kanpur since I planned to be there on work. Unfortunately work expanded to fill up my time, and I never used my research. So, in the hope that you will be luckier than me, here are the three places which I short-listed. Bithoor is the center of the universe, according to some. The Brahmavart Ghat on the Ganga is believed to be the place where mankind was created by Brahma. When the British defeated the Marathas in the early part of the 19th century, the last Peshwa was banished to Bithoor.

In retaliation, his palace and the temples of Bithoor were razed by the British general Havelock in July of that year. I am told that the ruins have been bought recently by someone who plans to build a resort there. If this happens, the forlorn but peaceful atmosphere of the ghats will definitely change. Bhitargaon temple is usually dated to around CE. The dating makes it the earliest known brick temple in the country, and the largest temple from the Gupta period.

The structure is said to have collapsed in after being struck by lightning. An early 20th century restoration is now believed to be largely fanciful.

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AVADH EXPRESS is the last train between Kanpur to Mumbai departure at from Kanpur Central Railway Station(CNB). Which train is the fastest train on Kanpur to Mumbai route? Fastest train between Kanpur to Mumbai is PUSHPAK EXP took 20h 53m to reach the destination.

Kanpur is located on the banks of the river Ganga and is an important industrial center. Kanpur, along with Allahabad and Fatehpur, are part of the Lower Doab, which in antiquity was known as the Vats country. It is surrounded by two main rivers of India, the Ganges in the north-east and the Pandu river Yamuna in the south. The districts surrounding Kanpur are Hamirpur in the south and Unnao in the north-east, Climate Kanpur lies in northern plains of India which witness extremes of temperature.

It can drop to a minimum of 0. Kanpur experiences severe fog in December and January, resulting in massive traffic and travel delays. In summer excessive dry heat is accompanied by dust storms. Rains appear between July and September almost at the end of regular monsoon season. Some rainfall is recorded during the harvest season of March-April. These extremes however, give the region an advantage of having three crops of versatile range of products.

Demographics Kanpur is situated on the banks of the river Ganga; the population was 2, , million as per the census.

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Oct 14, , With most events entering into their semi-finals or nearing end at IIT-Kanpur’s annual cultural festival ‘Antaragni,’ enthusiasm among students reached a crescendo on the third and penultimate day of the festival on Saturday. The outreach auditorium of the IIT campus, hosting the solo dance competition, was packed to capacity as the students delivered one breathtaking performance after another.

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Ganga Sagar Kanpur Kanpur is situated on bank of river Ganga and has a population of 2. Believed to be founded by king Hindu Singh of the erstwhile state of Sachendi, Kanpur, it is believed by some, derived its name from Kanhiyapur, the town of Kanhiya Lord Krishna. In the course of time, Kanhiyapur probably was abbreviated as Kanhapur and subsequently as Kanpur the anglicized spelling of which was Cawnpore during the British rule.

Others believe that the name is derived from Karnapur and is associated with Karna, one of the heroes of Mahabharata. Duryodhana made Karna a king, seeing him as a fitting match to Arjuna, and gifted him this area; hence the name Karnapur, which later became Kanpur. Historically, Jajmau on the eastern outskirts of present day Kanpur is regarded as one of the most archaic tounships of Kanpur district.

Kanpur’s growth until the thirteenth century is shrouded in the mists of time. It is interesting to note that while no reference to Kanpur is found in history, the history of two of its suburbs, Jajmau and Bithoor, can be traced back to legendary times. Bithoor is located about 20 km upstream of the river from the city and is approximately 10 km from the IIT Kanpur Campus. Jajmau is about 8 km east of Kanpur city and is nearly 20 km upstream of the river from the IIT Campus. According to Hindu mythology, just after creating the universe, Lord Brahma performed the Ashvamedh Yajna Horse Sacrifice at Bithoor also known as Brahmavart and established a shivalingam there.

Moving further to later times, another mythological site at Bithoor is the Valmiki Ashram, where the famous sage Valmiki is supposed to have written the Sanskrit epic Ramayana. According to this epic, queen Seeta, on being exiled by King Ramachandra of Ayodhya, spent her days in seclusion at the ashram bringing up her twin sons Lava and Kush.

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