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Breaking: Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jong Kook Leaving “Running Man,” Kang Ho Dong Might Join

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lol KJK fans is gonna be pissed, out of all running man members KJK has the most loyal fandom and I don’t know if Kwang soo is gonna stay if he suddenly know that KJK and SJH don’t know they’re out of the show as Kwang soo is the closest with these two.

Both didn’t know each other personally before the filming of Goong. This is evident from the 1st Goong promotion before the actual shooting commenced. JJH obviously had a great attraction to her to physically want to touch her off camera. All these things do happen when 2 people are attracted to each other I know from my own personal experiences!!! Next, shooting of “The bed scene where he pulled her up close”.

They were saying that if their hands were to be under the blanket like their last bed scene, these two would again hold hands under it. Now, why wld they say that?! And bingo, he was right Someone commmented that YEH got up rather quickly after it. Next was the Goong Special 1. Their small talks u don’t see him doing that with the actress on his left who acted as his sister ; sharing of the bottle of tea video taken by a fan ; she not daring to look at his photo revealing his top half of his bodyetc.

Why JJH if they lost contact as claimed? Clearly pointed to her.

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Link to Detailed Rules 1. Follow Title Guidelines Submission titles should be detailed and direct. Do not editorialize titles or use vague titles. Remember to add flair to your post after submitting. Include English Translations Articles that are entirely in Korean must include an English translation or detailed summary. Single-line or Twitter translations are not sufficient.

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Twitter translation provided by huiiiiing “The departure of Hyuna and Edawn is confirmed. The final decision will be given mid of next week after a Director’s meeting. They will take into consideration of artists’ opinions. Many different translators are pulling information from many different articles, some with conflicting information.

Please be patient until it all gets sorted out. Are monkeys in charge of PR at Cube. Nobody has literally any fucking clue about what’s going on omfg [deleted] Cube: What in the serious fuck. I hope the rest of Pentagon are okay. They have their first comeback stage today ffs. Translation by Twitter user huiiiiing “Although Cube Entertainment announced the departure of Hyuna and Edawn, top level executives say this decision is not final.

A senior official said:


Show more notes Reblog To the girl, who was my first girlfriend. You never showed my soul any hate, you taught me heartbreak and jealousy was real. You showed me innocence and kindness.

12 thoughts on “ Running Man: Episode “Cutest and biggest star. Now, I’m just wondering if Ji Hyo is dating KJK, and if wedding bells are in the near future as there are certain gestures made by both of them that are quite suggestive. 12 thoughts on “ Running Man: Episode “Cutest and biggest .

Sebenarnya aku masih menunggu mood dan episode untuk menulis part 4 ini, tapi karena memang part 4 ini bertambah banyak spartace moment, jadi aku mulai menulis lagi. Akhir tahun menjadi tahun yang mengguncang bagi spartace shipper dengan berita dikeluarkannya spartace couple. Sebagian mengecam, tapi tidak sedikit yang mengira bahwa spartace itu nyata dan terbongkar PD sehingga mereka harus dikeluarkan. Well, hanya tim produksi dan member yang tahu, kita hanya bias menerka-nerka saja.

Hehehe Untuk spartace moment part 4 ini aku ulas untuk episode — dulu saja. Nanti akan diupdate lagi saat ada waktu luang lagi. Mari kita intip episode-episode dengan spartace moment: Spartace berpelukan, dan lihat ekspresi Lee Kwang Soo. Episode Kali ini mereka satu tim!!! Yap, banyak spartace moment disini. Seperti nostalgia episode , kali ini spartace pun satu tim dengan Ji Suk Jin. Kim Jong Kook entah kenapa selalu memegang tangan Song Ji Hyo sementara teman setim yang lain hanya memegang seperlunya untuk merayakan kemenangan.

Dan saat memasak pun spartace memiliki zona couple sendiri. Lagi-lagi spartace couple ini bermain-main sendiri padahal ada beberapa orang disana.

Philly speed dating

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Update 2: Kang Ho Dong Says No To “Running Man” Due To Controversy Over Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook’s Departure Update 1: “Running Man” Production Allegedly Decided Song Ji Hyo And Kim.

Apr 05 Everything about here is goals. I watched all her dramas and most of her movies and they where all fantastic! I don’t know why people is hating on her, just because she is partnered with Gary for ‘We got Married’ Chinese version, doesn’t mean that you have the right to diss her and say shit. Ji Hyo Unnie and Gary they are friends which is already made very clear on one of the episodes on Running man. I am also a crazy Monday couple fan but I am happy, when Ji Hyo is out and meeting other people.

She can’t just live her life as a Monday couple she gotta meet somebody.

Jongkook hold Jihyo’s hand / Running Man Episode 302