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The law, passed in without then-Gov. Mark Sanford’s signature , allows energy companies to charge ratepayers for nuclear plants during their construction rather than after. But after seeing the fruits of the legislation, Gov. Henry McMaster says he wants the law repealed. That may sound sunny, but it all hinges on keeping you on the hook for the abandoned project. Senate approved a 13 percent cut, though no deal was reached between both houses. Dominion’s proposal still needs to clear various regulatory hurdles , including approval by the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, and South Carolina’s Public Service Commission, which will decide whether the merger can go through and how much ratepayers are charged for reactors. State lawmakers have already expressed concern with Dominion’s advertising tactics. So keep the following things in mind as you field the barrage of sunny, quasi-inspirational ads promising a future that is “brighter together.

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A Thursday vote will determine the fate of the rates, energy and for some– their livelihoods. Mayor Greg Carswell wants to be optimistic on the outcome of plant Vogtle. If construction stops, it wouldn’t be good for Burker County. Mayor Carswell argues that it also wouldn’t be good for the entire nation. But if it doesn’t continue to take place in Waynesboro, it sets the tone for beyond this local town.

Right in this town, thousands of people have jobs working on Plant Vogtle.

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I believe the privilege of public service is its own reward. In politics I more often expect barbs and many challenges, and don’t look for public accolades. So, imagine my surprise when I was called to the stage in a New Orleans legislative conference to be recognized for my efforts to put limits on the federal government by calling a convention of states to propose amendments under Article V of the United States Constitution. It was presented by former U. More than a thousand state legislators from around the nation attended the ceremony.

Nominees this year included 45 state legislators from 18 different states nominated by COS grassroots citizens in their state and selected by a panel of national judges. The Lincoln Award was presented to me for what was termed, my “Demonstrated ability to cast a compelling vision for America’s future; demonstrated ability to overcome colleagues’ complacency or fears of uncertainty.

Taylor is among those state legislators who holds up the highest standard of statesmanship in our country.

UPDATE | Should construction continue at Plant Vogtle?

Summer reactor construction project. The project was abruptly halted on July 31 after continuous formal opposition by Friends of the Earth and the Sierra Club since As pressure grows on how the PSC failed to properly monitor the project, no new dates have been set for the abandonment hearing. Customers have been hit with nine rate hikes since to pay for the project in advance.

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Santee Cooper is out of control. The second needed repair was to our utility regulatory system. Regulatory bodies should have some independence from politics, but our system takes independence to the extreme extreme. Candidates for the Public Service Commission are screened by a special legislative committee and then elected by the Legislature. That has to change. Either the Legislature should control the screening process and the governor should appoint the commissioners or vice versa.

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The typical electric bill before solar power is super expensive, but with a PPA, your monthly expenses will be lower. You’ll be saving money and saving the planet all at the same time! With a PPA, your solar company essentially becomes a second utility provider, only the solar electricity is sold to you at a lower rate than the fossil fuel electricity you’ve been buying from the electric company! But it will save you money! The less-popular cousin of the third-party solar family is the solar lease.

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August 27, State law requires the Public Service Commission to rule on the petition within six months, but lawmakers and regulators wanted more time. Never miss a local story. Sign up today for a free 30 day free trial of unlimited digital access. Why did the PSC keep approving rate increases when the project kept going over budget?

The annual rate increases are not the result of cost overruns; the law actually anticipated that rates would go up every year, and the PSC had little if any authority to reject any of those. After paying for abandoned nuke project, do SC consumers need a stronger advocate? You have to remember that in the early part of this century, natural gas prices were soaring, energy needs were skyrocketing, and the federal government was cracking down on coal plants.

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It seems that the general press is confused and probably rightly so when it comes to the terminology used to describe the nuclear power plant construction business. This is a nuclear power plant, or station, with a single unit. A nuclear power plant NPP or, said another way, a nuclear generating station may have anywhere from one to eight units. Illustration from brochure in Will Davis library.

This company has to provide land for the plant, pay to have it constructed, operate it, and connect the plant to its grid.

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GE A tankless water heater is compact and highly efficient. This project calls for good plumbing skills, and local codes may require that a licensed plumber do the work. There are a couple of basic options: It also requires a gas line and a connection to a volt circuit. It can be plugged into an outlet or wired directly to a service panel.

It does require volt power. It may be plugged into a volt outlet or directly wired to a service panel. If you are installing a new gas unit, check to see if you need your gas meter upgraded. Because the unit uses lots of BTUs, your meter may not have a large enough capacity to supply it along with the other gas-using appliances in your home.

The gas company can check this out for you and usually will upgrade the meter at little or no cost. Also have the gas company check to see that it supplies the correct amount of manifold pressure for your new unit. If you need to install a new gas line, it is best to hire a professional plumber to do this. Black gas pipes will need to be run to the unit, and you may want to have another gas shutoff valve installed just prior to the unit being installed. An indoor gas unit will also require venting.

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What exactly would happen if SCANA had to end the nuclear surcharge and file for bankruptcy protection in federal court? Stockholders, many of them retirees here in South Carolina, many of them low-level SCANA employees, likely would lose everything in a bankruptcy. It becomes very complicated, although there are a lot of things that could occur that you hope would be worked out.

The legal fees likely would be in the tens of millions of dollars, and the case would drag on for years.

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Owned and managed by the late Harry C. Weaver, WOKE injected its airwaves with an unusual variety of “good music”, sports, paid religion, frequent, extended weather reports, and generous doses of dead air. Listening to WOKE was like going back in time. Even in the early s, WOKE sounded like it hadn’t changed since the early s, complete with corny-as-heck jingles and stilted-sounding announcers.

Retired newspaper editor and Charleston radio buff J. He wanted people to think he actually had three different announcers, even though they all sounded the same. Harry had the lowest overhead in the market.

SCANA Slapped With Lawsuit

The typical electric bill before solar power is super expensive, but with a PPA, your monthly expenses will be lower. You’ll be saving money and saving the planet all at the same time! With a PPA, your solar company essentially becomes a second utility provider, only the solar electricity is sold to you at a lower rate than the fossil fuel electricity you’ve been buying from the electric company!

But it will save you money! The less-popular cousin of the third-party solar family is the solar lease.

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Efforts to reach the utility for comment Friday were unsuccessful. Ultimately, the bill resembled a utility wish list, critics say. Summer project and recommend solutions. Cruising to passage The bill was filed in February and became law by early May. It breezed through the Legislature with little debate, members recall. Only six legislators in the member General Assembly are on record as voting against it.

There is no record of the Senate vote on the bill because that chamber did not require on-the-record voting in The proposal passed the House by a vote at the urging of state Rep. Reached by phone Friday, the Oconee Republican told The State newspaper he had no interest in commenting.

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Wondering why your power bill is so high? It’s no secret customers are starting the new year with higher bills to pay. She’s not the only one. A post on the “Rosewood Neighbors” Facebook group drew more than comments from people saying the same thing. Spokesperson Aimee Murray says this year’s cold snap is to blame. You have extremely cold temperatures, customers are trying to keep their homes a tolerable temperature, which is making their HVAC system work overtime consistently.

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Still want to run government like a business? Or provoking a lawsuit that our state would spend an obscene amount of money fighting and likely lose. Those monthly reductions look small, but they add up: And Dominion says the deal is off if the Legislature changes the Base Load Review Act in a way that affects the financials. And that is a difficult concession to make with such an awful law. I think we need to change those provisions, but we have to consider what changing them gives us compared to what it could cost.

Dominion does intend to keep collecting a profit on the abandoned reactors, although the profit would be much lower since the investment being recovered would be much lower and the recovery time would be substantially lower. An earlier version of this column incorrectly said that Dominion did not intend to keep collecting a profit on the abandoned reactors. That could result in Dominion agreeing to pay more — or walking away from the deal.

Or being taken over in a hostile deal that could eventually lead to much, much higher rates, and diminished service.

UPDATE | Should construction continue at Plant Vogtle?

Historical Cases The largest blackout that occurred in U. Operators were unaware of the need to re-distribute power after overloaded transmission lines hit unpruned foliage. What would have been a manageable local blackout cascaded into widespread distress on the electric grid.

While ratepayers are on the hook for billions, the company’s executives have been doing well. Last year, SCE&G parent company SCANA’s top three highest-paid executives all received raises.

Get help All volt rated receptacles rated in amps 15, 20, or 30 that are installed on a temporary service pole or installed for use as temporary wiring must be GFCI protected NEC Article If all volt receptacles installed on the temporary or installed for use as temporary wiring are on the same branch circuit, the GFCI protective device installed as the first receptacle on that circuit may protect be used as the GFCI protective device serving all other receptacles on that circuit attached to the load side of that GFCI protective.

You may use a GFCI breaker serving each circuit and also serving as the overcurrent device instead of the GFCI receptacle style protective device if you wish. If the branch circuit is direct connected, at the end of line, without any receptacle installed on that circuit, then no GFCI protective device is required. Any other type receptacle other than volt 15, 20, 30 amp receptacles, no matter what amp or voltage rating, must also be GFCI protected or you must have a documented, recorded record showing the tests were done before initial use and every 3 months thereafter.

The requirements of other receptacles stated in NEC Article B includes 40 and 50 amp receptacles or even volt receptacles if not part of a permanent wiring system of a permanent structure. See definitions in NEC Article Therefore all boxes, fittings, and covers must be approved as weatherproof if surface mounted NEC Article A and NEC Article The receptacles on the temporary must have a weathershield mounted over the box.

This weathershield might be clear or opaque. To view an example of a weatherproof device box and a weather shield , click onthe picture icon to the left. If the any box is metal, you must bond the metal box to the grounding conductor.

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