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The Sydney newlyweds are up for elimination again after losing two rounds of cook offs against their fellow teams from Sunday’s final food truck challenge. In the first round, the four teams were asked to whip up their ultimate romantic dinner. Only one team member could be hands-on in the kitchen, while the other could only watch and offer advice during the entire 45 minutes of cooking time. Sunday’s winning teams sitting on the jury were divided in their blind tasting on Helena and Vikki’s spicy peppercorn sauce. Even without the potato croquettes it was still an impressive dish considering only one person was able to cook it. Feildel called it “ooh la la sexy”. While Uel’s sweet duck dish won over his new wife Shannelle, it didn’t win over all of the blind tasters. Another 15 minutes and you would have hit the heights you aimed for. Bree and Jessica stressed in the kitchen.

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The Melbourne mates showed moments of culinary brilliance but it wasn’t enough to best Green twins Helena and Vikki. Gone were the niceties of last week’s sudden death cook-off, which saw bubbly teacher Carly take time out to help Annie and Jason. Although Harry and Christo did bring the romance into the kitchen, cooking their perfect three-course “date night” dinner. It was pretty clear though that the them was aimed at just two girls: The flirting between Bianca and Harry heated up, with the Tassie girls vocally supporting the Melbourne lads.

Thalia holds back tears after Harry’s elimination. Helena and Vikki stuck to their heritage, cooking Greek family favourites inspired by their grandmother.

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Manu Feildel, with Pete Evans, says the contestants are teaching the judges a trick or two. The Frenchman says the batch of amateur cooks on the fifth season of MKR, which starts Monday on the Seven Network, are more tactical and among the best yet. Many of them, he says, are using professional techniques to prepare meals and they’ve cooked specifically to impress the judges rather than their fellow contestants.

Advertisement “I’ve had some really great sauces, which I have been begging for, for the last four seasons,” Feildel tells AAP. He is constantly impressed with the amateur’s techniques and the little tricks they have devised – which even some pros have overlooked or not even tried.

It looks like they are because an on-set source revealed that they made out in front of the other MKR contestants in one of the episodes of Australia’s popular reality cooking competition. Apparently, the feeling is mutual. Sparks reportedly flew between the single amateur chefs during the Instant Restaurant round.

It is also said that this is where the two shared their first kiss. Woman’s Day also reported that year-old Bianca and year-old Christo were reportedly together all the time, especially during the Instant Restaurant round when the other teams go out for drinks. According to Daily Mail, Gibson’s teammate Harry was initially interested in Bianca too, but Christo beat him to the punch and made his move towards Bianca as soon as he can.

Luckily for him, Bianca seems to like him as well. The Tasmanian girls chose the name The Market Kitchen for their restaurant and decorated the place with brown paper tablecloths and jam jar bombonieres. Although they took so long to finish the main dish of salmon baked in paper and served with chat potatoes, Bianca and Thalia still managed to earn a total score of 85 out of points. However, things go awry, no thanks to Harry and his mistakes including over-kneading the pastry, knocking over a carton of eggs and inevitably wounding himself in the process.

The boys served their dinner guests the tart with roast tomatoes and they loved it, particularly Manu and Pete.

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My Kitchen Rules star Vikki Moursellas, who was eliminated from the show along with twin sister Helena on Monday night’s episode after a heated semi-final, was spotted having fun with her new flame while out in Melbourne on Monday. The blonde beauty cuddled up to beau Luke Hartin, a marketing manager for Hyundai who she met through MKR since the automotive brand is a sponsor.

Things are heating up!

Not because of the way the duo have been painted as the Russian baddies — MKR has always cast villain couples since the show first aired in Or for the blatant exaggeration of Russian culture with references to vodka and war propaganda. It represented the worker-peasant alliance, with the hammer a traditional symbol of proletariat, and the sickle for the peasantry. Much like the Nazi Swastika, the hammer and sickle is deeply hurtful and offensive to those with Eastern European heritage.

This was reflected in the comments posted by viewers upon seeing the ad: You are promoting discrimination, vilifying my culture and misappropriating traditional folk songs yes, folk, not propaganda songs that are much loved by my family and country. We get enough this stereotyping rubbish everyday already.

Are you trying to rub it in that we have more food than they did? Channel 7 needs to be seen to be inclusive of all viewers.

Romance flares up before Harry and Christo’s MKR elimination

The MKR Food Truck made its debut in a beachside lunch challenge at Cronulla It was the first time the teams were forced to work together in two groups and the first time they worked under the supervision of task master Colin Fassnidge. The Irish chef promised to “push” the teams, but also to help them.

They also had to appoint a head chef and matre de to keep things running smoothly. Gatecrashers Josh and Danielle put their hands up to be head chef of the “white apron” team, as did Greek twins Helena for the “black apron” team.

Cracks started to show on both sides of the food truck thanks to the added pressure of cooking for diners rather than the normal across two pop-up restaurants at South Bank in Brisbane. South Australian mum Jessica had the major meltdown of the day, breaking down in tears twice during the lunch service challenge. She and team mate Bree were the head chef and maitre d’ of the white apron group, facing off against Chloe and Kelly as the leaders of the black apron group.

Chloe and Kelly’s advantage for winning Wednesday’s building site lunch challenge was to choose four tubs of the most desirable ingredients for their menu. They choose fruit, mackerel, squid and lamb, leaving the white apron group with Moreton Bay Bugs, Spatchcock, nuts and kangaroo. Jessica appeared to psych herself out, talking so much about the added responsibility of being head chef that the job seemed impossible.

Bree gives Jessica some tough love. Paul Broben As prep time quickly got away from her and Bree, it became all too much for Jessica and she retreated to a corner of the truck just a minute before the start of service. While Kelly and Chloe also struggled to get their seafood appetiser plated on time, they withstood the pressure and were quick on their feet to use lemon juice to finish curing their mackerel. The judges enjoyed their dainty appetiser over Bree and Jessica’s undercooked and unappealing Moreton Bay Bugs.

Disarray continued for the white apron group during the main course service.

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